Ducted axial fan - "IEC" motor

TUBE-I line is suitable when large air capacities with relatively low pressures are required in duct mounted applications. For instance: ventilation and conditioning in naval and mining applications, evaporative towers, heat exchangers, cooling of electric and refrigerating equipments, etc. With this line is possible to attain higher pressures using the multistage version consisting of two single stages fans mounted in series, with contra-rotating impellers. This solution allows the recovery of the air rotative component turning it in pressure, developing up to 2.7 times the pressure of a single fan having the same geometry and speed.



Ducted compact axial fan

TUBE-C line is designed for large air capacities with low pressures, in duct mounted applications. For instance: ventilation of industrial plants, car parks, stock farms, cooling of electric and refrigerating equipments, in industrial or marine sectors.



"Portable" and "adjustable" impulse axial fan

TUBE-CS line has been designed to attein the "wind" effect in TV and MOVIES studios, to blow sleeves advertising balloons or to create air curtains to protect people working near sources (ovens, incandescent surfaces, etc.), for drying walls during construction work. These fans may be dislocated and dragged anywhere since they are stood on a pedestal and oriented with different slopes thanks to the fixing of the ventilation casing by means of hand wheels.



Belt coupled axial fan

TUBE-BC line has been designed for all applications where it is necessary to keep the motor outside the airflow, because of smoke, dusts and humidity. The maximun admitted temperature of the conveyed air is 60°C in continuous service. Performances correspond to those of TUBE-I line with a reduction of 5% in capacity.



Bifurcated axial fan

This series has been designed for ducted, in-line installations in industrial, commercial and civilian plants. They are suitable to exhaust air from industrial kitchens, ovens, painting cabins up to the temperature of 150°C.