INV frequency converter

INV frequency converter is a device designed to adjust the RPM for asynchronous motors allowing the finest control of the rotation of the electrical motor with consequent remarkable save in energy cost and absence of magnetic noise.



Single phase electronic speed regulators

Manual voltage regulator with continuos regulation by potentiometer. Electronic tuning by triac phase control, closed loop type. Suitable for single phase asynchronous adjustable motors. Attention: all the speed regulators with triac can cause, at low speed, electric hum in the motor. Motor speed shall not be reduced over than 50%.



Single phase transformer speed regulators

Manual voltage converter by transformer selector, 5 step options. Minimum magneto hum in the motor. Suitable for single phase asynchronous speed adjustable motors.



Electric panels for diffusers

The common characteristic of the electric panels ECP is the step graduated transformer speed regulation that guarantees an optimal regulation. The control modules are MPU and digital for ease of use. The wideness of the regulation parameters allows the customising of the plant to be controlled. The electric panels ECP are supplied with feeler for detecting the temperature, suitable for connection to standard bipolar cable for long distance.